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Tuesday, June 29, 2021
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Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Offering Overview

We are offering SAFE units to our investors in order to meet our funding goal. Complete details are found in the PPM document.


Current exit strategy is to build to $61M in revenue within 4 years and consider acquisition offers at that time.


Sterile drug manufacturers are often frustrated by the cost, inefficiencies, and inconsistency of results to freeze-dry their products. Sublime's continuous "cryophilization" process provides drug makers with a means to produce freeze-dried products at one fourth (¼) of the capital costs of traditional processing, while increasing process throughput up to ten times (10X). We are in a position to deliver our first commercial continuous cryophilization machine by Q2'22 (15 months) while attaining a gross markup greater than 100%.

Competitive Advantage

  • Main competitors sell batch equipment using 50 year-old technology.
  • One is developing a continuous process machine using a completely different drying technology.
  • Our partnership with a Fortune 500 LN2 Provider, will accelerate completion of the product development and commercialization for our launch. 

Go-To-Market Strategy

  • Team up with Fortune 500 partner's sales and marketing effort to reach largest pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Direct sales to medium and smaller manufacturers
  • Events, Demos, and Digital Campaigns internally and with Agency support

Key Milestone

- Completed and signed a Joint Development Agreement with our Fortune 500 partner.

We look forward to your support as an investor.